Garrett Gomez: “118 days”

On January 8, 2012, elite jockey, Garrett Gomez, fractured his left heel bone.¬†We were hired by HRTV to document his recovery and follow him to the Kentucky Derby: 118 days in all. Of course, we couldn’t actually be with Garrett all those days, but we shot over three months and somehow managed to squeeze that into a 26 min program.

The result is a beautiful and intimate look at an athlete at the top of his game determined to stay on the top.

Produced by:

Jackson Nguyen & Todd Crites

Shot and Edited by:

Todd Crites

Additional camera:

Chris Dvoracek & Jackson Nguyen

Music/score by:

Jess Wall

Sound recording/mix:

Mark Henry

Assistant Editor/Media Manager:

Chris Dvoracek

Executive Producer for HRTV:

Amy Zimmerman